10 Tips To Find Your Dream Wedding Videographer

A wedding might happen once but a wedding video last for eternity.. That is unless you decided to chuck it in the recycle bin and empty it. But less not dwell on that. Here are 10 things to look out for when you are looking for a wedding videographer for your special day.

Start early#when you book your ideal wedding videographer

Like the saying goes, the early bird catches the worm. Start looking for your wedding vendors as soon as 3 months into your planning. This allows you to cast a wide net and sieve through the quality of work. Booking your wedding videographer early also allows you to enjoy exclusive rates, particularly useful if you are getting married during the lull season.

Style#who says wedding cannot be outrageous like this?

You are paying for their creative input of what they see on your wedding day and this can vary quite a bit on your special day. Take a look through their portfolio and see if their overall style is something you like. It could be the Cinematic setup of Substance Films, a journalistic approach like Android in Boots, or somewhere in the middle (maybe us? haha). See their past works and if they give you the fuzzy feeling you deserve on your special day.

Expertise#difference between noob and expert

Some wedding videographers are experts in 1 aspect, while others are jack of all trades. Play it safe by going with a videographer that gravitates towards the type of wedding you are holding; be it a church wedding, a gatecrash or a temple wedding. This way, you safeguard yourself against pushing them out of their comfort zone and risk messing it up for you.


No matter how great the style you want, if you don’t get along, move along. Besides your husband and your entourage, your wedding photographer and videographer is the next closest person you will see on your wedding day. That is why it is vital, no… essential to meet your wedding videographer and photographer before your wedding to see if you both get along. Imagine being stuck with someone you cannot get along with or simply bang heads with during your wedding.. Nightmare man!

Schedule #what I wish my calendar look like

Typically, there are around 14-20 hot dates for a wedding and chances are your wedding is on one such date (unless you purposefully plan for it not to). This means that a wedding videographer schedule can get filled up very quickly. Book early to avoid disappointment unless your wedding videographer has a team that is able to replicate the same style for multiple weddings.

Review#what all videographers claim they are

When it comes to creating memories, look for social proof to ensure they are what they claim they can do. Take the most negative/positive review with a huge pinch of salt. Social proof is a good starting point to see how successful a wedding videographer is able to achieve the objective. A good videographer is not someone that has all the most positive reviews, but someone you can see their work improve time and time again, while staying unique.


Packages serves to make it easy for you to shop for wedding videographers but the devil likes in the details. Look out for what is promised in each package, from coverage time, to deliverables as well as overtime charges. This prevents future disagreements might come up when it comes to delivering the end product. Also, let your wedding videographer know about your wedding itinerary so they can advise you what is the usual practice when it comes to shooting a wedding similar to yours. You might think that your wedding solemnisation takes only 15 minutes so a 2 hours wedding video coverage is more than sufficient, but there might be other considerations like setting up sound and static cameras for your solemnisation, to having enough time for creative shots during your bridal preparation as well as an outdoor shoot to complement the video.

Have a vision

Nowadays, more and more weddings are taking the road less travelled. This means that the packages that usually work with most couples may not be applicable to you. If you are looking for a close knit garden wedding like the ones you see in destination weddings, share with your wedding videographer what you see online and get their input based on your itinerary. You may think that since both are garden weddings that means the types of shots will be the same but it can vary quite drastically. There was once I shot at the same exact wedding venue at 2 different time of the day and the effect of the video came out differently. The afternoon wedding was done haphazardly to get everyone out of the sun, while the evening solemnisation was well paced. A seasoned wedding videographer would have experienced various challenges on different weddings and maybe able to advice you on things that you might not foresee coming.

Ask about the extrasDo you want to upsize?

There might be a drone shot that you think will be epic for your wedding, or you foresee your wedding to be longer than your current package. Clarifying the extras ahead of time allows you to be in the driver’s seat and consciously make the best decision for not only your wallet, but also for your wedding videographer as well. Some top ups are straight forward like overtime, but others are harder to grasp around. Top up like having a drone shot, wanting a documentary of your entire wedding or an additional wedding videographer for your church solemnisation are things that needs to be done well in advance to your wedding. Check with your desired wedding videographer to make sure the best efforts is done to make your wedding video turn out the way you expect it to be. Chances are it will turn out better than you expected if the top ups are discussed ahead of time.


Too many times, couples assume that all wedding packages are the same and base their decision on how much each cost. However, they skip over the first 9 points at the top. Price is a good gauge but without seeing the entire picture, you might just end up coming to the wrong decision. Going for the cheapest might not be the best idea, particularly when it comes to creating the only 2 forms of keepsakes after your wedding. A good rule of thumb when it comes to how much you should spend for a wedding videographer is 8-10% of the total sum you spent for your wedding. This allows you to choose from a wide array of styles and not compromise on quality in any way.

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