Top 10 Wedding Dresses of 2018

Love is in the air and so is wedding bells. In case your wedding is near the other half of the year and you just started your outfit shopping, here are the top 10 designs you should look out for during your search.

Full Lace

Nothing screams an elaborate wedding like a full lace wedding dress. It elevates the occasion and can be implemented in the various different wedding dress types. Lace also highlights the character of the bride itself, whether it is in the design of floral and vines, from symmetry in circular designs to linear lace that leads off to one side. Full lace has the ability to make the dress look extremely detailed without being busy, great for preserving the moment in photos and mobility on the day.


Off Shoulder dress is a well sought after design in the asian context due to its ability to showcase a slim Silhouhette and also accentuate the bust without being too in your face. It pairs well also with different hairdos and is easy to change into, making it an ideal wedding dress design for a hectic wedding day. With a low neckline, it is suitable for tropical weather like Singapore, particularly if a garden solemnisation is part of your wedding plans.


Who says wedding dress must always be a short sleeve or sleeveless affair? Sleeves is finally stepping up its game in wedding and it is a trend long sought after. It creates timeless elegance without the trying too hard and does well both in fabric and lace, making sure your wedding dress stands out differently from the rest of your peers, not forgetting it will keep you nice and warm during those horrid dinner reception at the hotel where the air-conditioning seems to be for free.


The power of a mermaid dress lies in the ability to add curves to your slim figure. Characterised by its body hugging nature and flare from mid thigh to knee region, it transform you into Cinderella in an instant, or Ariel if you want to be more accurate. Top that with a low neckline, and you have a winning combination of curves from head to toe.

Super clean lines

Sometimes, we need to strip a dress back to its basics, clean base material that effortlessly brings out the splendour of a bride and having clean lines in your wedding dress works just like that. No distracting lace, shear or frills, just decisive cuts in the fabric to pull of a cute and sultry look. It could be integrating highlights in the dress like slits, manipulating the material of the dress to maximise how it falls on your curves to visible seams to direct the eyes where you would like it to be. Classic and timeless in a simple package.

Bare Back

Classy in the front and loud in the back, that is the objective of a Bare back dress. A bare back dress is both functional and elaborate for garden solemnisation and close weddings. A bare back dress can even be tailored to have a skin or off white sheer for a more conservative look for church weddings while still being personable to you, the bride. Strut your stuff on your special day with a dress made to turn heads and make you the envy of that day.


Whoever says white dress is the only colour dress for a wedding should be dragged out and shot (figuratively of course!). Pastel pinks, blues and yellows adds a creative dimension that transform a common affair to a once in a lifetime event. If you really want to step up the colour game, try purples, greens or even unicorn frills to create a wedding dress like none other.

Floral ruffles and embellishments

Display your personality in its full glory with a loud shoulder piece like a floral ruffle or embellishment in your wedding dress. Take advantage of the first of the few times you get to decide to go with a design you like, without any consideration for functionality. A floral ruffle or embellishment allows you to create the feminine vibe, backed up with a strong voice underneath, great for independent woman as she walks down the aisle to marry the man she chose.

Shorter Train

 Who says a wedding dress needs to be uncomfortable and require someone to trail you for the entire day? Save the hassle and go with a shorter train for your walk down the aisle. Train is the easy way to make a wedding elaborate, but if you put in the time to look shyly at him when you come down the aisle and take small deliberate steps, that moment is equally if not more precious. Group photo table shots are also a breeze, not forgetting how easy for you to visit the ladies when you need to tinkle.


 Look for alternative materials in your wedding dress can turn a simple A shaped wedding dress into something completely different. Be it ostrich feathers or man-made ones, integrate feathers to create a more fluid dress that sways as you walk. It could be used as part of your train, or hairpieces and shoulder straps, making the dress something truly unique and a marvel to behold.

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